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Subrogation Claim Recovery

We assist insurers, captives, self-insureds, syndicates, and companies identify and recover on subrogation claims of all sizes and complexities across North America.  We eliminate the burden of managing and pursuing these claims and simplify the process by implementing aggressive plaintiff-minded strategies to obtain prompt subrogation recoveries.  Our clients are able to pursue the responsible third-party and reclaim paid losses that would otherwise be lost.

Our Qualifications

At our core is our founders’ decades of EXPERIENCE as insurance executives. Our background gives us the flexibility to handle the entire range of possible claims from the smallest and most straightforward to the largest and most complex.

What It Costs

We understand that our clients have already paid out the loss and do not want to “throw more good money after bad.”  As a result, we earn our fee upon a SUCCESSFUL RECOVERY.  When done properly, subrogation remains one of those rare instances where insurers can actually recover money without increasing risk or overhead in the process to offset losses.

What are Subrogation Claims

When a claim is paid, the insurer typically retains a subrogation right against any third-party that was partially (or wholly) responsible for the loss.  It is essentially an INDEMNITY right that allows the insurer to recover on losses where the policyholder was not entirely at fault.

How Do I Recover On The Claim

That’s the great part about subrogation.  We do all the work for you and are only paid a small contingency fee if we recover. However, it is greatly beneficial to include SIAdvisers as quickly as possible after your policyholder files a claim to ensure all evidence needed to prove the subrogation claim is properly gathered and preserved.

  • We Find Subrogation Claims That Have Been Disregarded Or Missed
  • We Have Extensive Experience Handling Large And Small Claims
  • We Only Hire Experienced Attorneys and Claims Professionals
  • We Provide Industry Leading Service
  • We Provide Innovative Solutions That Lead To Greater Recoveries
  • We Implement Agressive Plaintiff-Minded Strategies