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A simplified process

At SIAdvisers we help insurers, captives, self-insureds, syndicates, and companies identify and recover from liable third parties on claims of all sizes and complexity across North America. We provide efficient, cost-effective subrogation solutions to our clients.

Our experienced staff allows you to eliminate the burden of managing and pursuing these claims. We use a simplified process to obtain prompt recoveries from liable third parties on files that our clients might otherwise have not been successful with.

Core Values

We consistently hold ourselves and our service partners to a high standard of performance, accountability, and conduct.

Highly Responsive

We remain highly responsive to the challenges and pressures faced by our clients and colleagues, using every opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills to an ever-evolving claims handling process.

Experienced Staff

The experience of our leadership at SIAdvisers gives us the capabilities to handle a wide range of files.

This dedicated team of senior industry professionals has the flexibility and experience to ensure that we obtain maximum recovery at minimal cost for our clients.

Corporate building

We triage files for our clients based on recovery potential.

We recognize that our clients have spent indemnity money in resolving a file and we offer aggressive pricing that is reflective of the recovery we obtain. In addition, we triage files for our clients based on recovery potential and provide a detailed analysis of this triage.

We offer two pricing models. One is based on hourly charges plus expenses and the other is on a contingency plus expenses. Each pricing model is then tailored to fit our client’s needs and budget and ensure that our client sees a superior return on their investment in recovery dollars.

Subrogation Recovery Services

This will work on a percentage of recovery; we will review closed or open files, determine the viability of subrogation recovery and then proceed as required. There is an opening file and triage fee that will be absorbed into your cost if we win.

  • Option A: An agreed percentage amount.
  • Option B: An agreed hourly rate broken into time fractions per task.

Both Options do not include legal fees and disbursement.

Other services

TPA Administration

A dedicated team dealing with all TPA matters, leading the file handling within our and our client’s best practices.

SIAdvisers handles all levels of claims! From automobile, property fire and water losses to large complex commercial losses, we handle it all!
We are able to analyze complex insurance cases with respect to coverage, liability and quantum as well fraud prevention.

Why SIAdvisers

SIAdvisers is made up of experienced insurance professionals with broad knowledge of claims handling and the insurance industry as a whole.

SIAdvisers maximizes results by efficiently administering claims to a successful resolution.

Experienced Team


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