SIAdvisers Consulting and Solutions, Inc.

Who we are
SIAdvisers Consulting and Solutions, Inc. is an independent claim adjusting company. We conduct claim investigations for insurance companies and self-insured businesses.

SIAdvisers is part of the Custard family of adjusting companies. Information about the Custard Companies is available at

The personal information we collect
Personal information means factual or subjective information, recorded or not, about an identifiable person.

We may request personal information from you during our claim investigation. Our clients may also provide us with relevant personal information as part of our claim assignments. We also obtain personal information through resources like background checks and public records such as police reports.

The personal information we collect varies depending on the nature of the claim and may include names, birthdates, addresses, and medical records.

How we use personal information
We and our clients use personal information to evaluate insurance claims. During the claims handling process, claim information may be shared between SIAdvisers and another Custard Company. Additionally, independent contractors working for a Custard Company or one of our clients may collect and evaluate personal information during a claim investigation.

If a claim becomes the subject of litigation, claim file contents, including personal information, may be reviewed by outside legal counsel.

We sometimes receive legally enforceable directives, such as subpoenas or regulatory orders, to turn over claim information. In these instances, we may be legally compelled to provide the contents of a claim file, including the personal information contained in the file, to a third-party or government entity.

Where do we store data?
Claim data will be stored and processed in Canada and the United States. Since claim data is stored in the United States, it may be accessible to courts, law enforcement, and national security authorities within the United States.

We retain the data for time periods in line with the relevant statutes of limitation as well as industry standards for data preservation.

Where to direct requests regarding personal information
If SIAdvisers holds any of your personal information, you may request access to this information. You may also request that we correct or delete the information.

In some circumstances, we may not be able to provide access to personal information we have about you on file. For example, the information may contain references to other individuals, or we may be prohibited from disclosing it for legal, security, or commercial proprietary reasons. Information may also be subject to solicitor-client or litigation privilege. Additionally, records may be subject to record retention responsibilities that would preclude us from deleting them.

Tim Johns, AVP of IT and Information Security Officer, is responsible for our privacy policies and practices. Please direct any complaints or inquiries related to personal information as follows:

Tim Johns
AVP of IT and Information Security Officer
[email protected]
(770) 368-3351