Experienced claims consulting professionals

The knowledgeable and experienced claims consulting professionals at SIAdvisers are able to analyze complex insurance cases with respect to coverage, liability and quantum.

We have experience in assisting not only insurers and brokers, but also corporations and public entities with high deductible or self-retention in both a direct or on an advocacy basis.

Core Values

We consistently hold ourselves and our service partners to a high standard of performance, accountability, and conduct.

Highly Responsive

We remain highly responsive to the challenges and pressures faced by our clients and colleagues, using every opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills to an ever-evolving claims handling process.

Audit Services

SIAdvisers offers file audit services to support any specific domestic and/or international requirements.

We have found that by effectively managing the claims process we can manage the claims process we can significantly reduce expense costs.

Mediation Attendance

SIAdvisers is currently working with U.S. insurers as well as London markets who require Mediation attendance on their behalf. The result is that insurers are reducing their costs considerably. In a recent matter, we reduced costs by 50% from the anticipated estimate, while achieving an effective settlement. 

We have been retained in cases to provide expert testimony in a court of law as needed.

Other services

We assist insurers, captives, self-insurers, syndicates, and companies identify and recover on subrogation claims of all sizes and complexities across North America.
SIAdvisers handles all levels of claims! From automobile, property fire and water losses to large complex commercial losses, we handle it all!
We are able to analyze complex insurance cases with respect to coverage, liability and quantum as well fraud prevention.

Why SIAdvisers

SIAdvisers is made up of experienced insurance professionals with broad knowledge of claims handling and the insurance industry as a whole.

SIAdvisers maximizes results by efficiently administering claims to a successful resolution.

Experienced Team


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