At SIAdvisers we have specialize in tailored solutions to our clients claims needs. We offer a variety of claims handling options for you such as claims management or consultation. We are currently looking to expand our National team focusing on adjusters with the experience and industry recognition of being leaders in their field. At SIAdvisers we are focused on providing quality service that should be a standard in our industry and that of which our clients have come to appreciate and expect from us.

SIAdvisers listens to our clients and provides optimal, tailored claims solutions. Being a wholly privately Canadian owned company, we are in tune with the Canadian Market place. That coupled with our International experience allows us to partner with our national and global clients to enhance customer experience all the while surpassing Key Performance Indicators that are mutually established with our clients.

SIAdvisers put the client first and provide real-world, practical, and useful strategic solutions, SIAdvisers raises the bar on what should be expected from claims management professionals.

SIAdvisers National Adjusting Solutions is comprised of an excellent team of field and desk adjusters. Based on our client’s needs, our field staff handle complete files as well as task-based services. Our Desk Adjusters are trained and specialize in a variety of losses and adjust losses that either due to complexity do not require field investigations or files once field service have been completed with a focus on optimization of effort towards equitable closure.

For further information regarding these services, we would welcome you to inquire at [email protected] or to contact our team members below: