A standard operating procedure is elemental to astute and economic claims management. It is the itinerary that helps to plot the best possible route to the ideal destination at the most economical cost. It may become necessary along the way to rely on expert assistance for known or unforeseen circumstances, but all expenditures are carefully weighed. We care about our money, and we care about yours too.

The evolution of our operating procedure is continuous as we learn, from each and every claim, new ways to enhance and expand the value we bring to the process.

Our standard protocols come from proven workflows that maximize responsiveness and
maintain top-drawer service levels while keeping costs in check.

All SIA offices adhere to a single set of operational guidelines to ensure consistency throughout our company, but we have also built in a degree of flexibility to allow tailored services for specific client needs.

SIAdvisers has an operational procedure that allows for:

  • an approval process whereby all claims are seen by the President or Regional Director
  • a timely reserving procedure and auto abeyance built into a data management system that prompts compliance with auto notice to senior management
  • regular and reliable reporting of relevant claims progress and details in a format agreed with our clients
  • standardized timelines for claim progress with internal checks
  • transparent function with access to decision-makers
  • a collective approach drawing on 100+ years of our own expertise joined to an approved network of specialty service providers giving access to a more bespoke service
  • immediate escalation of complaints or service issues to upper level management for investigation and prompt response
  • in house subrogation services whereby, we incur all costs to pursue with a 25% retention upon successful recovery

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We are well versed in general and municipal liability as well as professional liability including errors and omissions claims.